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Artist Mentoring

Throughout my time teaching in schools, I have also hosted an Artist Mentoring course, where students had the opportunity to create works that may lead into compiling a portfolio for submission and grading into art colleges across the country, with my help and advice. This has been very successful in the past and lead to some very successful creations of work, students have been able to let their creativity lead them into whatever direction they choose in these sessions, experimenting with media and creating pieces they normally would not otherwise.

Student Work

Aim: Investigating objects in their ‘natural’ form and ‘dismantled’ forms through a range of media.
Learning outcomes: 
  • 1.5 Interpret the world and communicate ideas through a visual means 

  • 2.4 Show they can use their drawings to observe, record and analyse 

  • 1.12 Apply their understanding of the art elements and design principles to make an artwork. 

  • 3.11 Examine their own and others’ design work through the use of art elements and design principles. 

  • 2.14 Use media to create craftwork 

  • 1.15 Critique the choice of media in their own or others’ artwork

Learning Intentions 
Success Criteria
  • To be able to critically look at an object and observe its main features.

  • To understand how to explore and record a primary source under the themes of ‘natural’ and ‘dismantled’.

  • To understand how to alter the objects used as subject matter in non conventional ways.

  • Successfully document and record a primary source object through drawing and photography.

  • Recording their processes through a range of media including paint, marker, pencil.

  • Develop a cardboard 3D piece to produce a more refined sculpture like piece.

Exhibition of Student's Work in NCAD

When the artist mentoring project was finished, students were invited to attend an exhibition of their work being held in the National College of Art and Design. This brought a sense of accomplishment to the students and they showed a lot of pride about their work and received many comments of positivity and praise on it.

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