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Special Educational Needs

Throughout my experience teaching, I have had the pleasure of teaching art, craft and design to SEN classes, one being in the Special Needs Unit in Ballymakenny College named 'Cu Chulainn'. The senior class consisted of six students ranging in abilities. Some of the needs in the class were on a broad spectrum of severity and because of this I incorporated a large range of differentiation into my lessons to accommodate for these students. We produced some lovely outcomes that the students showed a sense of pride over. 

Unit 1
Stained Glass Windows

This class produced a series of stained glass windows using a combination of Crepe paper in primary and secondary colours, PVA glue and acetate. This project was very successful and catered to the dexterity and sensory issues within the class, the theme of Nature was versatile and each student had great primary sources and resources to create their artworks.


Exploring the theme of nature through a stained glass replicated piece using the medium of crepe paper, incorporating the AEDP of colour and line.

Learning Intentions
Success Criteria
  • Know how to choose colours separating them into primary and secondary coloured crepe paper.

  • Understand the work of Henri Matisse and how his cut out shapes relate to the project we are doing.

  • Understand the theme and how to relate it to their final piece.

  • Take photographs of primary source objects relating to Nature and incorporate these into their final piece.

  • Understand and name the primary and secondary colours

  • Produce a stained glass crepe paper window inspired by the theme.

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